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Air Pressure Mattress | Sexton Trading Company Pty Ltd

Sexton Trading Company is a manufacturer and supplier of hospital bed air mattresses in Australia. Sexton provides complete range of non-powered and powered pressure reduction mattresses, pressure redistribution mattresses, pressure relief care mattresses, hospital bed mattresses, and more. Sexton air mattresses cater to all healthcare environments. Sexton Trading Company specialises in hospital mattresses, pressure care mattresses, and pressure relieving mattresses.

Products of Sexton Trading Company:
maxifloat mattress
bariatric mattress
pressure redistribution mattress
serene mattress
accumax quantum convertible
Bariatric alternating pressure mattress
hospital bed mattress
alternating air pressure mattress
pressure reduction mattress
accumax mattress
alternating pressure mattress system

If you are looking for the best hospital bed mattress manufacturers, contact Sexton now!

Visit the website for all of the products.

Business Name: Sexton Trading Company
Address: 82-84 Basalt St, Geebung QLD 4034, Australia
Phone Number: (07) 3265 9999
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